Teaching English in the Age of AI: Embracing ChatGPT to Optimize EFL Materials and Assessment


  • Osama Koraishi Ülüdağ Üniversitesi


ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), LLM, EFL, Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIEd), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Edtech, EFL Teaching, Material Development, Assessment, Differentiation, Personalization, SLA, CALL, E-Learning, Feedback, Pedagogy


The sudden spike of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has had and continues to have a transformative impact on various domains, including education. The advent of AI-powered large language models [LLM], such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, will significantly enhance the way English as a foreign language (EFL) is taught and learned. This article explores the versatile applications of ChatGPT as a valuable tool in any EFL teacher’s toolkit, specifically focusing on material development and assessment. The demand for effective EFL teaching and learning strategies has been steadily on the rise for years due to globalization and the widespread adoption of English as the lingua franca for international communication. Consequently, the integration of technology in language education has become crucial in addressing the diverse needs of EFL learners and teachers. ChatGPT, a cutting-edge LLM, holds considerable promise in revolutionizing EFL education, as it combines advanced natural language processing capabilities with a realistic instantaneous human-like interaction. This article aims to provide some potential benefits of utilizing ChatGPT in EFL education. First, we examine how ChatGPT can be employed in material development, streamlining the process of creating engaging and contextually relevant resources tailored to the needs of individual learners, as well as other more general uses. Second, we explore the role of ChatGPT in text assessment, highlighting the fact that, unlike humans, it has the potential of offering real-time, personalized feedback on learners' performance, thereby enhancing the overall learning experience. It is worth noting that this article as well as the applications suggested in it are based on the latest ChatGPT 4 and not the older ChatGPT 3.5.






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