Analysis of Discourse Organization and Metadiscourse Devices in Georgian Business Correspondence: Specifics of Georgian Business Letters and Emails


  • Anna Tenieshvili Independent Researcher (PhD)


Globalization; cognitive linguistics; business correspondence; business letters; business emails; discourse organization; moves in discourse; metadiscourse devices; anaphoric relations; cataphoric relations


The purpose of the present study is to identify discourse strategies and metadiscourse devices used by business emails and letters written by Georgians, to compare them to norms accepted in international Business English and to identify the characteristics of certain culture in business communication. The study is a single case study based on the analysis of emails collected from Georgian sales and construction companies. In order to reach the stated objectives, I have analyzed the structure and metadiscourse devices used by business emails/letters written by Georgians and on basis of this analysis I tried to reveal the differences with existing international norms of business email/letter writing. As the objective of this research is to analyze the structure and metadiscourse devices used by Business emails/letters written by Georgians it is expedient to study in which way the linguistic background of Georgian language causes the structure and use of metadiscourse devices and to reveal specifics that would help Georgian business emails/letters writers to avoid metadiscourse and structure variation.






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